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On The Road With The King

From Sun 05.03.2023 Multiple locations

On The Road With The King

From Sun 05.03.2023 Multiple locations

On the Road with the King!

You liked the film?
You’ll love the concert!

‘On the Road with the King’ is a fantastic show that retraces the King’s meteoric career!

This show – far more than just a concert – is structured around three themes and covers the three periods that revolutionised music and created the legend: the rock’n’roll years, the Vegas years, and, as a grand finale, the iconic ‘Aloha from Hawaii’, the concert during which Elvis, at the top of his form, soared back to the stars!

All his major hits are featured, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, In The Ghetto, Love Me Tender, Suspicious Mind, CC-Rider, Can't Help Falling In Love, My Way… and all the others!
All masterfully played and sung by Steve Ryckier, the 30 musicians of the ‘Graceland Orchestra’, and the superb (and sexy) ‘Memphis Inspirations’ back singers!

Steve Ryckier has now been embodying one of rock’s greatest legends for 20 years, and his interpretation of the King is masterful!
The same voice, presence, poise, attitudes and human warmth as Elvis!

First and foremost, though, Steve is himself, and has many other strings to his bow… yet his passion and respect for the King remain as consuming as ever after all these years and compel admiration!

You liked the film? You’ll love the concert!


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There is an additional service cost of 2 euros per ticket for tickets bought at the box office.

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On The Road With The King
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